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Maximus XII APEX

Level 14
Any news when we can expect Asus Z490 boards to be released, rumor is not till May 2020,..

I would love to preorder the Maximus XII APEX board, or buy on day of release.

Looking at the socket schematic,.. seems will probably be able to run older coolers, waterblocks.

Level 10

Don't know, but at least we know how they look like.

Cool, looks like they wen't back to the notched PCB, and 4-slot spacing between PCIe 3.0 x 16. Hopefully that's 2 x U.2 connector on right side below the SATA 6Gb/s.

I noticed today Asus site released all Z490 motherboard specifications.

Maximus XII APEX :

Level 13
The specs look good enough for me. I'll be using something z490 for competitive overclocking and ASUS BIOS has always worked best for me. The APEX approach --plenty of power, single DIMM DRAM channels and keyboard/mouse sockets -- is attractive. It's built just for that work.

The main missing "feature" has been that the M11Apex was not sold in North America. How about this time, ASUS?

The second point is important only for serious competitive overclocking: How well does the M12A work in Windows 7. I know, I know. Microsoft and Intel have ASUS limiting advertised compatibility to Windows 10. This was real with Z390 chipset because there was no driver outside the Win10 built-in for USB ports in the Z390. A third party USB device, eg. Asmedia, had to be included in the design. Only then could Win7 users enjoy the luxury of any USB at all. How about this time, ASUS? A USB device and all those drivers for WIn7?

Will I again be stuck trying to compete on the ASUS ROG HWBOT team without any ASUS motherboard?

I was able to pre-order Apex Z490 board today at Newegg for $399.99,.. release date is 5/20/2020.

Level 7
Are there any news when the german sellers are able to get it? there isnt one shop in germany right now listing it and its hard to find anyone with a "normal" price in europe.

i actually consider to buy it from newegg and get it via a transport provider....but this still sucks UK has Z490 Apex XII listed as in stock, check the shipping options to confirm your shipping address options.

Be careful ordering from any site that is listing board as special order, on-order, or arriving soon.

I have not received any shipping confirmation from the egg since I pre-ordered the Z490 Apex board, and they have removed the pre-order listing and board is currently listed as out of stock.

Update, I received shipping/tracking information yesterday from Newegg and my new Z490 Apex board is in transit shipped on 6/12/2020, and scheduled for delivery on Wednesday 6/17/2020. So everything worked out fine, just took a bit longer than expected. :cool:

Level 13
Ditto, Braegnok. The first clue was when they charged the credit card after weeks of waiting. It took about 15 seconds for me to go from 'Huh?' to 'Hooray!'