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Maximus XI Formula Q-Code 09/ Detect memory

Level 7
Cpu i9-9900k
Gpu Evga RTX 2080 Ti
Ram 2x8gb gskill trident 4266mhz/ tested also 3200mhz
Psu corsair rm1000x
Custom loop for cooling
1x empty ssd m.2 samsung 960 evo 500gt 1x same with some files and 1x hdd 2tb

So my problem is that pc worked fine until yesterday morning. I started pc but it got stuck just after press for bios disapears. Waited but nothing happened so i press start button for 10 sec to shut down. Start again and now windows tried to repair itself. Waited and waited but nothing happened so again i shut it down. Start again and same. So i tried to repair windows from usb stick but after booting from that stick pc is stuck again on that rog logo screen. Then i swipe my ssd where my windows was and tried to install it again. Stuck again in rog screen.

And after that formula led screen is saying detect memory and q 09- PCH initialization after microcode loading. I dont have a clue what that even means. Sometimcodees q code 23. So i thought maybe ram issue. Switch slots, test one by one, test another kit but nothing works. Usually 09 and sometimes 23. Tried with one ssd, with another ssd nothing. Tried wirh out gpu. Tried with only hdd.

Any help from here? Next im about to empty my loop ja taking cpu out and build it again. After that im sending this mobo back to seller.

Level 7
I tried to post this couple of days ago but got some weird message about my ip and operator.

I just build that pc again from begining and was very hopeful but i got same code 09 and detect memory. Nothing shows on monitor, pc just stops after that code.

Im thinking rma my mobo and maybe they find solution or they got same error as i did.

Level 12
Have you tried clear cmos and get bios to default settings and see what happens?
Maximus XI Formula, I9-9900k, Phantex Evolove X, Seasonic Titanium 850W, Custom loop PE360+SE360 Rad, G.Skill Trident Z F4-3200C14 32g, Nvidia Reference RTX 2080 TI, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1Tb, Windows 11

Level 7
Yes. And after that tried flash newest bios from usb stick.