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Maximus XI Formula OLED screen is in the way to install the middle screw.

Level 7
Hey guys! It's my first build and I've try to check for the in formation but it seems that I can't find the answer. The OLED screen is above where I'm supposed to place the middle screw. I can't find the way to remove the screen but when you look at the bach of the motherboard you can see the hole. When you look at the motherboard in the front and you tilt the motherboard, you can see an opening under the screen but I can't figure out how to install that middle screw.77591775927759377594*

Level 7
Sorry, but I think as what I understand the oled screen should work without taking anything off. Am I right?

Because mine doesn't work at all!

No one has the answer I guess. I have been asking, but there is no clear answer

Level 7
hey there you dont need the middle screw but many cases has a pin like stand that puts the mobo in place this is the place of that pin, sorry for my english...

another thing may i ask? is it possible to backup the firmaware of you aquantia lan and send it to me? it very important to fix mine