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Maximus XI Extreme with two ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti GPUs

Level 7
I currently have one RTX 2080 TI GPU and it very rarely gets any hotter than 70C, even overclocked to 2100MHz.

I am considering adding the second GPU, but the top one is likely to be choked and would overheat. I've tried installing the one I have vertically close to the glass in H500M case and it gets over 85C at full power - so I expect it to be even worse in SLI setup as the backplate of the current GPU warms up to 60C. I've also seen this build having the same problem:

Does anyone here have this setup and managed to solve GPU temperature problem without reducing power as the linked build describes?

A separate question of course is why ASUS that produces both the motherboard and the GPU could not leave more space between two GPU slots - e.g. reserve 4 PCI slots instead of 3?... Or maybe design both the board and the backplate with the holes (however stupid this idea may be)? Either way it's annoying that they didn't make one of their their top motherboards work well with their top GPU... /rant