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Maximus XI code and Corsair H60

Level 9
Hi guys,I just needed an advice please as I'm finally started to build my new pc.
I'm at the stage where my maximus XI code is installed in the case and I have got the Corsair h60 in place on the CPU too.
I just got a doubt where to link the 3 pin connector from the pump and where to link the fan 4 pin connector.
After reading the instructions I understood that both need to be connected in the motherboard ports that are not controlled by the Q fan control, so the pump will be connected in the port aio_pump and the fan is w_pump+ .
Is that correct?
Thanks in advance

Level 7
Do you solve that?

Level 12
Connect the pump header to the AIO header, and the rad fan to any header on the motherboard and simply disable Q fan on that specific header in the BIOS.

Hi Thanks so much for answering,
I've this case with Liquid Cooler integrate, I'm not expert in liquid coolers, should I see water pumping?