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Maximus x hero Integrated Audio issues.

Level 7
Good morning everyone, I seem to have a strange issue with either the motherboard audio or its drivers, For the last 3 days I have been in contact with a program developer about an issue that I am having with my Mic input and his program. We have exhausted everything that we could think of to get the problem fixed.
So here it goes, I am using a program called Pilot2atc for flight simulation. I have used this program in the past with no issues using the same mic that I have now, the only difference was I was using a Z170 gamer motherboard. The issue that is happening is that when I choose the mic that I want to use which is the only one that I have it does not work with the program although it works with every other program that I have including recording videos. I did find something strange though yesterday in which if I disable the speakers then the program hears the Mic with no issues, But if I reactivate the speakers the Mic is no longer heard. I just don't understand that why would disabling the speakers allow the Mic to work with the program. Also discovered Yesterday that as I was recording a video for the developer to show what I found I disabled the speakers and found out that the Mic stopped recording. its as if My pc thinks that the speakers and the Mic are the same. I have gone through every setting imaginable to try to fix this, Including uninstalling and reinstalling the sound drivers. I have just purchased a soundblaster Z card to see if seperating the audio from the motherboard alleviates the problem. If someone has a fix for this issue please share. All pc info to the left.
Thank You
S. Pow

Level 7
I have a problem with recording...period. I have the ASUS Maximus Hero X motherboard. I switched from using the on-board audio to Sound Blaster Z for audio quality. However, I was having an issue with the motherboard not communicating with my audio capture software; like the hardware doesn't exist. I thought the SBZ would solve that problem and it doesn't. Something about the motherboard is not handshaking with any sound capture software I try. I can play music and video without a problem, but try to record it? No. So far, ASUS has not been able to solve this problem.