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MAXIMUS X HERO / 8086K Delidded questions

Level 10

I have a maximus Hero X and a delidded 8086k and i was told that my idle temps are a bit high..

My rig is :

Motherboard: Asus Maximus Hero X

Processor: i7 8086kdelid - 4.8Ghz @ 1.2vcore


Ram : 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB / 3466Mhz

PSU: Corsair RMI 850 GOLD

Watercooling : Corsair H150i Pro RGB / LL 120 RGB

Case : Cooler Master H500M

Around 37c, room temp is 24 to 25c those days.

During gaming it's all good for what I know, around 55 to 58c MAX on the hottest core. With an average around 45c

I was wondering if it's ok and maybe if some tweaks in bios could reduce the idle temps and thus help me reduce the fan speed for silence when not gaming 🙂

Also, i was wondering about changing my AIO which is a bit noisy at idle (the pump), i was interested into the rog ryujin, will it be an upgrade or samish? (i think the pumps are similar)

Thanks for the help

Level 10
Little up?

Level 40
Is it downclocking and downvolting at idle?...if not then maybe temps will be a bit higher at "idle"...

Load temps sound OK

Level 10
Yes it's at 800mhz at idle but the temps are never under 38c actually, i know there is nothing to be worried about but I was curious

Could it be because of some bios setting?
here is my bios

Level 40
OK it downclocks...but maybe not downvolt....manual voltage and SA and IO at 1.2 all contribute to a bit more heat than typical idle voltage maybe?

How long ago was it delided? What liquid metal...was it sealed all round?

Level 10
It's at 1.2 vcore,

For SA and IO could i go lower?

it has been delided with conductonaut and resealed yes

Level 40
OK so if the voltage is staying at 1.2 I would expect idle to be a bit higher than the idle temps of something that is downvolting

Quite often SA and IO are overvolted at auto you could certainly try tuning then lower heading for the 1.05 IO and 1.1v SA territory...see if the RAM handles that OK

My own experience, opening multiple delid CPUs...after a while conductonaut dissappears....especially if the reseal is not for the whole circumference of the lid

However your load temps would suggest that's not happened....just a's good to do maintenance on delids...maybe once a year refresh

Level 10
SA and Io are at 1.15 (i lowered it a bit) you think i can lower at the value you suggested without issue? could that lower the temps? What's the worst that could happen if the value are too low?

Vcore is set on manual but in HWinfo it's going from 1.168 to 1.2 maybe because of LLC 5 ?

Oh ok yeah the load temps are good I think, i'll see that but i need to ask because I haven't done the delid myself

Is it better to leave on manual or should I try to do for an adaptive vcore?

thanks again 🙂

Level 40
Really depends, as always on the hardware combo...memory controller etc....if you push too far you would see a couple BSODs...that's all.

Yeah...there will still be a bit of Vdroop...normal

Adaptive can be useful just because it allows the CPU to downvolt and downclock at the same time...but depends if the CPU starts trying to override what you set etc.

You could try it and see...but it all sounds like it's working pretty well to me...

Level 10
Hello !

Well i went for 1.05 IO for and 1.1v for SA

I played kinda an hour on Red Dead Redemption 2 without issues.

I know gaming isn't the best way to test performance but well, that seems good no? Maybe other games which are more CPU intensive could have issue? Like the last assassin's creed or IO and SA are just ram related?

For the temps I don't see much difference though (between 37 and 42 with 26c ambiant) but here are my temps in game.

By the way are those temps ok for the GPU ? Evga 2080ti FTW3, i was concerned by the MEM temps which are around 80C
thanks again :à