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Maximus X Apex Kraken X62 compatibility

Level 9
Hi all,

Looking at the board mentioned in title, can't seem to find any pics if this cooler will fit properly.


I recently purchased the new EK MLC 360 Radiator Core and have been running it for the last week. I painted it white to match the my color scheme. I didn't like the CPU block that you could buy with it so I purchased the quick disconnects and made my own using XSPC waterblock.

Excuse the photos I don't have any official ones yet, but the previous build with the NZXT Kraken x62 can be seen here:

In the photos you can see where I used my own waterblock instead of using EKs Phoenix equivalent one.



Level 7
Thanks man. 😃
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Level 7
Very nice! 😃 I really like the build dude!

Compared to the Kraken X62:

How are your temps? Noise level?
Your ass is grass, smoke it I will!

EK is definitely louder than the Kraken x62, but I have my fan profiles set somewhat aggressive. I don't mind a little extra noise since I have a 24 port switch behind me that is louder than anything else in the office. I'm running a 6950X @ 4Ghz 1.3v. I keep it about 72F in the office/homelab and the the Kraken was topping out at 68C, the EK Radiator/pump /w XSPC waterblock tops out at 55-58 on Prime95. I'm using liquid metal for my thermal compound with the EK setup, I used MX-4 compound with the Kraken x62.

Kraken idled around 35-37, EK idles around 28C. Keep in mind the rad on the EK is also a 360 vs the Kraken's 280. Shipping on the EK was very expensive, at the time I couldnt find any stores that sold it yet, I think it was over $50 bucks cause it shipped directly from EK. Also if you want to use your own waterblock, you'll need and some of their coolant, unless you plan to completely remove the tubes that come with the EK radiator and use your own, but I've heard that it was a PIA. I stuck with the QD for easier maintenance.

Level 7
I see! 😃

Thanks for the very detailed response, exactly what I needed to know. 😃

Again, great looking rig dude. 😃
Your ass is grass, smoke it I will!