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Maximus VI formula SSD

Level 7
I'm currently looking at adding one (or more) to my rig. The questions I have are like this:
Is an M.2 SSD worth it, and if so, what is compatible with the board. I tried reading up on this, but got more confused as ASUS doesn't spec a keying for it, nor detail the interface type well.
What SSD has the best capacity per $, and which has the best speed at a reasonable cost. I'm a college student, so i'd like to keep it relatively inexpensive (mind you, i'm talking in the 500 GB range, so I'm aware it's not going to be chump change.)
And the reliability of the medium, including hopefully some idea of how well they handle crypto.
Also, some personal experience with stuff like M.2, and other SSDs would be nice. After all, information is power. That's what i told myself the first time i downloaded a copy of Wikipedia, anyways.

Level 13
There are three choices for SSD on a M6F: SATA connected like a HDD; M.2 in the WiFi adapter; a PCIE card with SSDs on it.

The M.2 space is small and I believe it's only mSATA - not the PCIe interface of later motherboards.

I use a SATA connection with the operating system and program files on the SSD while Users and Program Data folders are on HDD. That keeps down writing of data to the SSD. Mine has lasted 18 months, which doesn't say much about reliability.

An add-on card is likely to get you extreme speed with the PCIe interface. Current prices are quite high, though.