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Maximus V - Power Failing?

Level 7
Hi, I have had an Asus ROG Maximus V Formula for several years now. It has been pretty solid (my only issue originally being the WiFi not working but I have my own card). In December though, my computer crashed a few times randomly but it didn't even blue screen it just powered off and tried booting back up. In late Decemeber it no longer worked - within 30 seconds of signing into Windows it would crash. I worked around this by booting into Windows Safe Mode with Networking. Completely stable there. How it happened made me think it was the PSU, but I tested it and it worked fine, then I even swapped in my Corsair 850hx which is in there now, working fine too. I thought it was the OS, corrupt file messing it up, reset the OS didn't fix it, clean install I thought would and that didn't either.

It turns out 'power boost' in BIOS was the problem because once I turned that off, regular bootups have been fine and I haven't had a crash. What I am wondering is, does this mean power on the board is failing a bit and at the extreme levels fails and crashes? Is it something else? Should I worry about it or since it has been stable without that feature I will be fine now? I don't understand what changed and made my system unstable.

Other hardware:
Samsung evo 870 SSD
Sapphire 7950
Corsair HX850W


Level 7
Unfortunately for the first time since I thought I fixed this, my computer just had a power failure. It's NOT the PSU, so it's likely the motherboard? is there a way for me to test this motherboard or should I just go now and get a new one, possibly a whole new computer at this point?