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Level 7
Looking for some help please. Had a space conflict with my I/O shroud and a radiator on a new build and had to remove it. I hated losing the shroud and its RGB MAXIMUS IX splash though, so I decided to re-purpose it as a M/B connector shroud:


I'm doing wire management, and I'm looking for help on the connector type for the header marked RGB_LED_STRIP_2. It's 5 pin connector and has a pin pitch tighter than a pwm fan or aura rgb header. Thoughts? I need to extend the cable length to the shroud and would prefer not to splice in wires. Thanks for any help.

Thanks , but I already knew that. Specifically: it's for connecting the RGB in the I/O shroud to the motherboard. My question related to the connector type. It appears to be a micro JST, different from a standard RGB header (five pins, tighter pitch). I was wondering if anyone knew what the connector part number is. I want to fabricate an extension cable. Any help would be appreciated.

this might help:

Gave up on trying to source the connector, resorted to solder-splicing wires to extend it...