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Maximus Hero XI Not Reading CPU Temp (i9 9900k)

Level 7

I've been getting extremely high CPU temperatures the last few days, and I think I just found why. For whatever reason, my BIOS (and all Asus utilities) are reading my CPU Temperature as 11C... which is far below what it actually is. No matter what I do, this reading does not change from this spot. Even under load, the BIOS things my CPU is still at 11C. The problem with this is, it means my CPU and Case fans never spin up to deal with high temperatures, so the entire PC gets very hot, very fast.

What's strange is that all third party applications, such as MSI Afterburner or HWMonitor read the correct CPU temperature, which idles in the 40s and goes up to around 90 under load (normally 70... but without the fans kicking in it is getting VERY hot).

The fans themselves are fine. I can control them manually and they spin up with no problem when I do so, but they are NOT spinning up automatically when temperatures begin to rise, simply because the BIOS isn't seeing the temperature rise at all.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

You can see the CPU temp in the Asus System Info application showing 11C, but the same CPU temp showing 50C+ in Afterburner.

I've already cleared my CMOS and reset the BIOS to default settings, but it is still stuck at a CPU temperature of 11C. Any other ideas?

EDIT: So far everything points to the problem being the CPU itself. Multiple other people over the past few years have reported Intel CPUs getting stuck at 11C in the BIOS when the onboard temperature sensor goes bad. Looks like I'm in for an RMA boys.

Level 40
Maybe try to reflash the latest BIOS for the board.... BIOS flashback method....