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Maximus Extreme XIII Bios 1202

Level 7

To whomever own either Maximus Extreme XIII or Hero and 10900k, you might want to hold on with updating to the recent new 1202 Bios.

Its not terrible, but there are few glitches.

I was on 1007 and everything worked smooth for months, as soon as I updated to 1202 my USB keyboard started randomly acting up e.g RGB's would stay on even thou I have put my PC to sleep, keyboard would not work while I was in BIos, RGB on my 3090 Strix would stay on eve thou I have tuned off.

Also, I run my system at stock within Intel's specs and running application that would stress CPU to the MAX, Thermal Velocity gets activated only when CPU package hits 85-87C that's to hot, but when it does activates, it brings your CPU to 59-60C and 4-4.1Mhz opposed to Bios 1007 Thermal Velocity hits at around 78-80C Max and drops the clocks from 4.9 to 4.4-4.6Mhz keeping temps at 68-69C, big difference.

I have tried going back and forth between these both bios's with the same results so I went back to 1007 and all works a it should.

Maybe you wont see the same symptoms, but if you do, keep my observation in mind.