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matrix 980ti problem

Level 7

Hi, I just did a fresh windows install. Ran my favourite game, noticed temps were a bit hi (85c) so I removed the GPU and cleaned it with a compu cleaner, put it back in and checked temps. It was idling at around 34c *, set a fan curve in MSI afterburner,ran the game and noticed the fans were a bit quiet. Before I knew what was happening there was a red flicker and the monitor went black and then the fans maxed out , funny thing is I could swear it was the CPU cooler fans that were maxing too. Well the OS wont post now I just get *the above screen. *I trien to reinstal windows again , all went well until I install nvidia driver , half way through nvidia driver install I get the above himage again.

Well I guess the gpu is fried, I'm just a bit worried about what actually caused it to break. I don't want to upgrade to 1080ti and have the same thing happen.*

One other thing , only one fan seems to work now .*

Level 7
So I have a 1080ti on order from amazon. I'm still a little apprehensive about putting it in the machine though.

What else other than just a faulty GPU do you guys think might cause this problem ? I know it would be speculation , but it might put my mind at rest a little bit. Any suggestions on this matter would be very much appreciated.

Also whats the situation with RMA's with Asus . I bought the 980ti April 2016 , do you think there is any chance of them taking it back ?