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Manually change fan speed on ROG G20CB

Level 7

I want to manually change my CPU fan speed on my ROG G20CB tower, ideally to 100% all the time. There aren't any options in the BIOS and AI Suite isn't supported for some reason so I'm not sure how to do this. I can use Afterburner to change my GPU fan speed but FanControl and SpeedFan won't let me change the chassis or CPU fan speeds.

Is there any way to change the fan speed? I really don't want to get a new PC because this one keeps overheating. Any help is appreciated!


Community Admin
Community Admin

Have you tried to give it a good clean? After several years, most likely the lack of airflow is the root cause of overheating.

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Level 8

hi I am wanting to cool a M.2 drive, I added a heat sink to it, and if you have the latest bios, I was able to turn off quite control on the system fan in bios which basically does what  you want, it makes it run 100% its what I have just done. its was running at 67C doing some downloading, its now  at 63c and stable 

I have also just squeezed a RTX 4060 Ti founders addition into the case, which with its low power consumption I hope will be ok its stable with just the big supply at the moment but I haven't stress tested it yet, I have the second supply and I have seen how to enable it on the motherboard I am just waiting for the last upgrade to arrive some Samsung ram 2 sticks of 16gig they are listed as compatible despite it not being 2133 speed ram so I have my fingers crossed, I tested the system with the new card first so if I get any problems I know what is causing it.