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M2.1 not showing as NVME

Level 7
Hello folks,

I have recently built my latest gaming desktop using a ROG STRIX Z490-E and randomly realized after running RamCache III that my M2 Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB NVMe which I use as my boot drive and placed in the M2_1 slot is listed within the software as an HDD. However, my second M2 drive which is also a 1TB M2 NVME is displayed correctly as an M2. With that in mind, I became suspicious that some setting in the BIOS might have messed things up and took a deeper look.
In the BIOS I noticed that in the Advanced\NVME Controller and drive information\ only my second M2 sitting in the M2.2 is showing. Is that normal?

Also.. I did change settings for M.2_1 from AUTO to PCIE and M.2_2 from AUTO to M.2_2 x4.

Other than that, my C: drive seems to work fine but I am just puzzled by the misclassification and would like to hear if you guys might have any ideas on how this could happen.


Level 7
Guys I figured it out... I realized that by installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology that changed the SATA controller mode to RST and not AHCI. After switching it back, I am now able to see the M2 as actual M2