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M.2 problems in both sockets

Level 7
So I recently got an m.2 drive and I first put it into the m.2_1 on my ROG Hero X mobo and booted up, it hung for ages but eventually booted and windows has detected it, I had to go to computer management but that's all fine. My problem is I am unable to get into bios now that I have the drive installed.
If I plug the m.2 into the m.2_2 socket I get a 78 error on the board and it never boots, I also have the same issue where I can't get into bios.

The m.2 I want to use as my main drive eventually but for now its a secondary drive to store my games.

I have even tried it with just the m.2 drive (as I have 4 other HDD's) and I still can't get into bios.

Does anyone know why I can't get into BIOS or how to fix it?