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m.2 nvme ssd enclosure

Level 7

I have a double m.2 nvme ssd 50-DIMM.2 republic of Gamers  enclosure but would like some advice on being able use it on my ROG Maximus VI impact mini motherboard with all  sata plugins.

Is there something I can get or some company makes to be able to attach this unit to, say an external pci unit.

TThe only pci slot I have is used for my mini  video dirctcu mini so hoping to fine some external unit to plug into and allow my old board more life with newer hardware.




Level 14

DIMM.2 cards only work in the DIMM.2 slots on certain motherboards.  It's an ASUS-proprietary connector, so I doubt you will find an adapter to convert it to something else.  There's no reasonable way to connect it to the Maximus VI Impact, as far as I can see.

You could go with something like a ROG Strix Arion external M.2 enclosure connected to one of your USB 3.0 ports, but that will be limited to 3.0 speeds (5 Gb/s, roughly the same as SATA).  On that board, you might be better just going with a good SATA SSD, rather than M.2, if you have unused SATA ports.  The board does have a single M.2 slot which you should probably be using for your system drive, but it's only PCIe 2.0 x1, i.e. the same roughly 5 Gb/s as your other options.


Thanks for the info also, I would like to know if I can use a m.2 50 dimm.2 ROG adapter, which It is a rog adapter or nvme card holder and handles 2 nvme ssds cards  ,  my maximus VI impact has the PCIE x16 slot. . The adapter also has raidB and raidA fan pins on it , can I use the rog adapter in my PCIE x16 slot..


Level 14

As far as I can tell, the Maximus VI Impact does not have a DIMM.2 slot.  DIMM.2 is a special, proprietary slot found on some of the Crosshair and Maximus series boards, normally beside the RAM DIMM slots.  There could be an exception, but I don't think any of the mini-ITX boards have DIMM.2 slots.  It looks similar to a DIMM slot, but it is not a DIMM slot (it is actually a type of PCIe slot).  DIMM.2 cards will not fit in normal PCIe slots.  If the DIMM.2 card was not supplied with that board, it is not likely that there is any reasonable way to use it on that board (primarily because there is no DIMM.2 slot, and also because you are very unlikely to find a DIMM.2 to PCIe or USB adapter).