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Looking to buy Asus ARGB+FAN hub (Hyperion GR701)

Level 8

HI guys, for anyone who thinks on selling or get rid off of the Hyperion Case and wouldnt mind spliting parts.

I`m desperatly looking to by the ARGB+FAN hub + cables that comes with the case. I`m 99 positive that ASUS doesnt sell them and since mine burned out, my warranty is voided.

The Asus hub itself is this. The power cables for the hub are attached on the upper right corner close to the capacitors. They LOOK like like PWM to Sata, but they are not, the connection to the hub is different/


I tried the CoolerMaster Hub, but they dont work propperly.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Matt181 ,

based on your question, we have not tested compatibility with other brands, and we cannot guarantee compatibility. This is because it also requires control of ARGB lighting, which may not be possible. Therefore, we are unable to confirm whether the installation will work correctly for you. 

If you wish to continue using the product, we recommend contacting the dealer or reaching out to the local customer service team for further assistance. 

You can refer to the link provided below for more information.

Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Hi Aurelium

My question is regarding if its possible to buy the HUB separate from the case.
I dont wanna use other brands or other HUB. I wanna use the same one that comes with the case already, but i cant find it online anywhere. Just wanna Asus to provide the exact same HUB for me to purchase.

I also  had my board burn out and it took out my  ASUS ROG Z790 Formula Motherboard CPU fan connector! I will be calling you guys!

I was going to just replace the MB and Hub controller like Matt181  was. But now I want to know why!

See my reply to Matt181!

It took one of my fan connectors from the MB as well, but i still can manager. I will swap to a Maximus Hero Formula in near future, but still PC is still on going.

This is a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS  Z790 Formula Motherboard. It is the only water cooled MB from ASUS! My hub controller not only burnt the CPU fan connector but now the MB won't turn on. I tried  A 850w PS on it no go. And I used my ROG 1600w PS to power up an ASUS TUF X299 mark2 MB I have and the power supply worked just fine. 

I have called ASUS and at first I was told not covered by warranty like you were told. But I told him about your hub burning up also. 

They gave me a case no and could not connect me to advanced level tech to speak with. Don't quit call them and use my replies and stand you ground. If I have to put on their facebook page that will get them going! I have done that before with a return for an exchange for different color 4090 GPU. I had black and needed white. They wanted $300.00 to return a brand new still sealed in the box with in the 30 day return window. A day after I posted it on FB they replied as long as it is sealed in the box they would credit the full amount back to my card! I will help you if you need it. ASUS can replace the HUB for you and as well as my repairs also!

But there is Thermalright ARGB Fan HUB Controller Support 8 Groups of Fans, 8-Port 4 Pin PC Fan Controller, 5V-3Pin ARGB Fan Hub. At amazon. that might work for as a replacement! 

Thanks mate, really appreciate the help.
I got an email from ASUS on monday, they are looking up the part number to see if i can get a replacement. Since its a piece the comes only along with the chasis itself.
If i receive any news from them, i`ll let you know

Once again, i appreciate the help

Level 8

My board burned out also! What happened with yours? 

My stata cables burnt and my CPU fan connector on my MB glowed and burnt  out before I could shut it off. Now my MB won't even turn on!  I tested my PS on an another MB and the power supply is fine.

This might be a problem on the board! Not us letting the smoke out of the wires! 

I have to call ASUS because the control board took out my ASUS ROG Z790 Formula Motherboard.  Have  a ROG 1600w power supply  and I tested all the fans and they all work with the same watts as seen on the power supply.  so the fans are fine!

Please get back as I want to call ASUS on this !  I was just going to replace MB, but now I think this mess should be covered!