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ok so my sons fans finally came in yesterday. so i proceded to gut his old computer to install everything into his new case. lian lee 011 dynamic. running a total of 8 fans in it. 6 of which are enermax rgb fans connected via fanhub. eveything booted up nicely but then i noticed his enermax fans arent spinning properly if at all.when it boots 1 or 2 will spin and the rest will spin if i push them a thinking 2 things. faulty fanhub or underpower. i just used his other psu for now because i know it works but am thinking this might be why the fans wont spin right. the psu is a brand unknown outside of literally the world and exists only in greece. turbox. it came with his original computer ( prebuilt )not sure exactly what his psu is ( im going to check after his school)my way of thinking is if the fans work after a little push its gotta be a under powered supply. but again could be wrong. thoughts? edit: 350wat psu.

A flaky PSU can kill other components so it might be worth replacing even if you're not sure. I'd rather buy a used or refurbished PSU from a name brand than use a brand new random no-name PSU.
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350w is baberly enough for decent cpu / gpu. Without knowing your whole system specification, safe bet is still PSU is not good enough.

Prebuilt systems do not allow for upgrades. The PSU is going to be underpowered the second you put anything additional on to it (it is traditionally where the cut costs to match exactly the system they sell you with no future upgrade possible)