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List of compatible coolers for the MVF?

Level 7

I just put together a new build using the Maximus V Formula, a core i7 3770K inside an NZXT case.

I had purchased an Antec H2O Kuhler, but it didn't fit the board, which surprised me as it was meant for a socket 1155 and I figured they would all be compatible.

So, given the Kuhler didn't fit the board, is there a list of coolers compatible with the MVF? I plan to overclock, but not push it to the extreme. I want faster performance, but stability is extremely important. So, a medium performance water cooler is what I'm seeking, but I'd like to see what's out there.

Is there a list of compatible coolers?



Maximus V Formula
Core i7 3770K
NZXT H630 case
Graphics Card TBD
8GB Crucial DDR3
PSU: Cooler Master 850W

Level 16
What do you mean by "an Antec H2O Kuhler, but it didn't fit the board"?! Sincerely that surprises me too...

You want to say maybe that it's radiator did not fit in your case?

No, the holes on the mounting brackets did not align with the holes on the MVF. I tried every way conceivable, but I couldn't align holes so that the front bracket would fit through the MVF and attach to the rear mount.

Antec has terrible instructions, but after too much time it was obvious it wouldn't fit. The case wasn't the problem as it's a full size case and the kuhler only has one small radiator with one small fan. It fits inside the case with ease, it just won't mount.

Level 16
Check these videos:
For the 620:
For the 920:

Not sure which one you have, but those videos may give you the answer you need...

Level 15
Personally, I have used the Antec Kuhler 920 with the MVE with no problems. True, the instruction manual is useless. But the Kulher will work with your MVF that I can assure you. Just make sure that you're using the correct bracket and screws for Intel.

Level 40
Which Antec cooler did you buy, I have personally tested them all out, from the 620 right across their range and they all fit the 1156 and 1155 motherboards. Where you using the correct mounting bracket? Or maybe you had a defective unit.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 12
They list mobo compatibilities for each cooler
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sectionate wrote:
They list mobo compatibilities for each cooler

I love my noctua! Probably the next time I would try out a corsair liquid cooler only because I would probably go with another corsair case which would hopefully mean that it would have no issues fitting.