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Keyboard backlight fix

Level 7
There seems to be an infinite number of fixes post on the web about reinstalling the ATK package. This is fine for those that had a single installation failure. But for those that had a motherboard change or a bad bios flash, that "fix" wont work. I found one that does and its ASUS's fault, it seems. See it appears that when you download the lastest bios form asus they are missing a block that controls this. So heres the fix I found and in 30 seconds my lights worked perfectly again.

To start things off, we'd like to thank @jcd69 who is a Volter here on our forum for his finds and tests related to this specific KB lights fix.

Critical: Please take note that this has only been tested on G752VL and N552VX notebooks (Aptio 5 FW).

This can happen after reconstructing a full 8MB BIOS image and programming it back or from something even as simple as a BIOS update. The KB lights suddenly stopped working! So how do you know which steps to take to remedy this situation? Find out in our guide below.

Most ROG Notebooks will go through a KB light sequence at POST where it flashes the lights on and off momentarily. If this happens with yours KB lights at POST, then this guide is not for you. If it's just in Windows when the KB lights do not work, simply reinstall the ATK drivers again (go to the ASUS support page specific to your model - download ATK drivers).

Note: This guide is for the absolute rare occurrence that no other fix has worked. So if you do not see the KB lights turn on during POST, and you have checked all flex cable connections several times over from the notebook disassembly/reassembly since programming, then it means that there was possible data corruption in the Non Critical Block 2 of the BIOS image; resetting NVRAM does not fix the issue unfortunately (tested).

So how do we correct this? As you may or may not know, the Gary Key fix has worked almost every time in regards to this problem. So you may wish to try his tool out by downloading it here and following the instructions inside first. If the same problem persists afterwards, you will want to try the following steps below in our guide as a last resort.

Note: In order for the KB lights to work again at this point if nothing else has, you need to have at least made a backup 6MB BIOS image when the KB lights did work. If you didn't, do not worry, just ask around the forum for someone to dump their 6MB BIOS image so you can use it to complete the steps in the guide; model of notebook does not matter here but the manufacturer does; ASUS Notebooks with keyboard backlighting only.

GUIDE on specific KB lights fix

Tools: AFUWIN v3.05.04

Prestep. Download and extract AFUWIN and locate a working KB light 6MB BIOS image as mentioned above.
Step 1. Run AFUWIN (AFUWINGUI) and go to "Open" and locate the working KB light 6MB BIOS image.
Step 2. On the Setup tab of AFUWIN, check only these boxes: Do Not Check ROM ID and Non Critical Block 2. Then click on "Flash".

Step 3. Once the process has completed successfully, simply close AFUWIN and restart your system.
Final. Smile at your working KB lights again!

Dreamonic, Mar 11, 2017

Level 7
Because I had such a hard time locating the mentioned files, I thought I would share



Gary KB Backlight fix

Thank you so much, also works for GL771JW 🙂

Level 8
How did you overcome Error 18 (Secure Flash)? For me all 3 versions of bt.exe (dated 2003, 2007 and 2011) don't work with return codes -1 and 255, and afuwin works ok with /GAN (Secure Flash override), but after adding /K (flash non-critical block) it fails:

D:\afuwin>AFUWINx64.EXE dump-FX753VD.bin /K /GAN
| AMI Firmware Update Utility v3.05.04 |
| Copyright (C)2013 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved. |
Reading flash ............... done
Erasing All Block ............ done
Updating All Block ........... done
Verifying All Block .......... done
Secure Flash enabled, recalculate ROM size with signature...
- FFS checksums ......... ok
Loading capsule to secure memory buffer ... done
18 - Error: Unable to start a Secure Flash session.

Level 7
Anybody has working BIOS image for Asus GL552VX? Please share

Hi there
I'm having troubles with keyboard backlight and tried updating the Bios and upgrading to latest ATK Utilities with no luck.
Problem is that my Fn+F4 Combination opens a new browser tab and Fn+F3 Opens Mail App in windows 10 whiles these keys are tasked to change keyboard backlight brightness.
also pressing Fn+F9 accomplishes nothing.
Other Fn+(F1 or F2 Or F5 or F6 or F7 or F8 or F10 to F12) are all working as intended,
also there are no keyboard backlight @ POST Screen
And not to mention used the "Gary Key fix" returned "Can't write data, Return code -1" and fix didn't work.
So anybody has working BIOS image for Asus G752VY????

Level 13
I may have an image from long ago. Don’t know what the latest is as I only flash to fix. I’m thinking it’s 1004, the one that fixes the drive issues where raid isn’t forced and the 2 year startup time was fixed although I never had that issue. Was finding it difficult to swallow all the complaining of 8 seconds vs 15 seconds for boot time. The few extra seconds gives me time to double check there are no boogers protruding where they shouldn’t. *The ATK has always been problematic. Works fine then you do an update and it’s broke. Was always able to fix this by uninstalling, running Ccleaner reg sweep, reboot, reinstall reboot done.

I’ll look next time I’m connected to my NAS. *

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Thanks.... will be waiting for updates.

Level 13
delete, double post

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Level 13
PeymanCz wrote:
Thanks.... will be waiting for updates.

let me know which you need or if you need them all.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein