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Is There a Better Option Than The Z790-E For My New Build?

Level 7
I know that this is a good MB but I'm trying to not overspend on my new build. I'm going with a i7-13700k, G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5, one Kingston KC3000 2TB SSD and the RTX 4080. I don't need Wi-Fi and won't' be plugging a lot of externals into it aside from a mouse/keyboard and headset. I don't usually OC but if I do, its not to extremes. I've looked at the Z690-E but wonder if I'm not future proofing myself enough? There is a $200 cost difference right now. Or would the Z690-E do just as well for what I need? Ideally I'd like to get 4-5 years out of this build with maybe a GPU upgrade along the way. Is there a better cost-savings option than the Z790-E? I've scoured the options on the site but don't know enough about MB's to really decide.

Hi Antares.

Welcome to the ROG forum.

For the 13700k, I'd choose a z790 motherboard. If you go with a z690 motherboard, you'd want one with the bios flashback feature as you'll need to update the bios for the motherboard to recognize 13th gen cpu's.

To narrow down your choices, decide what class of motherboard you want (Maximus, Strix, Tuf, Prime etc.) and make a decision from there.