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Installing Asus RTX 2070 Super Dual Fan

Level 7
Hi everybody. Thanks for all the help so far. I've been slowly putting my first build together after work each night, and I'm almost through. The last thing I need to do is wire the graphics card.

I've got the card installed and screwed in, but I have three basic questions:

1. the card has a 6 pin PCL-E and an 8 pin. Which one should I use to connect to the PS? I have the 6 pin + 2 PCL-E. Does it matter?

2. the card itself has no display port but just a plastic grill on the mounting side. I presume this means I just connect the monitor via the motherboard's HDMI port. Is this correct?

3. Finally, the card has a protective rubber fin over a front connection, the purpose of which I am unsure of, should I leave this protective fin on or take it off?

Sorry for all the basic rookie questions. I just don't want to fry anything, and there's a bit of a dearth of good wiring videos on Youtube. Thanks.

Here are some pictures: