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Installing a MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i Raid Controller

Level 7
I'm thinking about installing a MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i Raid controller on my Rampage IV mother board. I have 8 SSD high end drives and could play around with raid arrays until I get the best performance. I'm looking to get better response time. I understand this controller would take a load off the CPU. I know it won't help with latency.

I did contact LSI to see if there would be and issues installing the board and their response follows:

It could mean it has not been tested. I am using a Rampage for lab tests and it seems to work on all MegaRAIDS currently sold. I did have to adjust some system board bios settings.

You can try the below to see if it helps:
Try a different PCIE slot if you have one.
Stop Overclocking if overclocking.
Set the slot the controller is in to PCIE version 2.0 instead of version 3.0.
Check for an updated system board bios.
Disable quick boot and / or silent boot and / or fast boot.
Disable remote access.
Disable all ports and functions not being used. Disable serial, parallel, Ethernet, and floppy ports. Disable all built-in controllers.
Disable the option rom. disable the slot option ROM
Try ahci enabled and then disabled.
Enable interrupt 19. Or set to immediate.
Set Automatic detection of PCI boot = manual.
PCI-E control must be AUTO

I don't have the controller yet so I don't know if all these settings need to be change. I think the LSI tech maybe suggesting changes if I run into issues with the controller.

Will need to make these changes?

Will it be worth it?

Thank you for any help