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Instalation process

Level 7
I'm a noob at this, I never did a gpu change by my self so I prefer to ask what to do first.

1st- I have to uninstall gpu tweek first, install the new gpu and then install again gpu tweek to recognize the new gpu parameters? (I have a strix Gtx 980 with OC made with gpu tweek and I will buy a rtx 2070)

2nd- Same question but to others softwares like gpu-z or gforce experience.

Level 7
I have to unistall the drivers of the gtx 980 first? Little help please 

Level 11
It's easy. Just switch the cards, connect the cables, and then turn your rig on. It will automatically install your GPU driver for you. You may need to have GeForce Experience already installed before you do this to make it easier, but I'm not sure. It is easy to navigate--I have switched out GPUs a few times and Nvidia makes it easy. As for Tweak II, you probably won't need to reinstall it, but you ought to make sure you have the latest one.