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Insanely slow POST with new Crosshair X670E Hero and 7950X

Level 9
Hi, I just built a new PC with these components
- Crosshair X670E Hero
- Ryzen 7950X
- 64GB G.SKILL ram (clocked at 5600Mhz/CL30 after some experimentation which was REALLY painful with this slow POST)
- 4x Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSDs
- TUF OC 3090 with 3 monitors attached
- 2 sets of mouse+kb, one wired one wireless

It takes an insanely long time for anything to appear on the monitors after pressing the power button, we're talking like up to a minute every time. This should take below 5 seconds.

The mobo spends quite a while doing seemingly nothing while the code 15 ("pre memory system agent initialization is started 1/4" according to the manual) is displayed. Does this indicate an error? I tried updating to the latest bios available, but no change.

Does the bios write some kind of log somewhere so one could figure out what it's having trouble with?

DigitalJack3t wrote:
If someone claims they have a fast boot on 7950x, ask them for a video

Or just ask them for their "BIOS time" from task manager. Windows records how long it takes to post on the startup tab. Commonly seems to be about 65 seconds when training unsupported DDR5 memory.

It's significantly faster for me (~10 seconds) if I set the system not to train the memory, but Windows blue screens on every boot then. Has been completely stable through all of my testing if allowing it to train. So for now, I'm just accepting the 60 second boot up.

Hi, BaneSilvermoon!

May be this will help you to get rid of BSODs:

Worked for me on latest stable bios.