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I've read the manual, but....PCIex16 GPU and M.2 help needed

Level 7
Hi all,

I have 2 M.2 NVME drives
Asus Maximus APEX Z590
EVGA 2080 Ti (340W power limit)

So the manual has SOME information on the PCIe speed with certain M.2 configurations, but it is NOT clear if any of these M.2. slots, OR the DIMM.2, use PCH lanes. My GPU is currently hobbled to x8 speed, and I think its because the M.2 drive(s) are hogging up some of the x16 available. I currently have both drives in the DIMM.2 module, as I am aware I cannot use M.2_1 and it seemed the manual suggested that M.2_2 would take PCIe lanes of the CPU (and thus from the GPU)

1. Is there a way for me to use my setup and keep my GPU at x16 while using my two M.2. NVMEs?
2. How about just one M.2 and GPU @ x16?

If there is no way, would there be a way if I were to upgrade to Z690 or Z790?

Level 7
The issue was with my pcie riser cable. I tried re-seating (and cleaning the pins a bit) and it worked -- GPU booted up in x16 according to GPU-Z