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I'm new to an Asus Z690 Extreme Motherboard with a few Question

Level 7
Hi Guys,
it's my first build with an Asus z690 Extreme Motherboard and I have a few Questions about testing some things.

Question 1: is there any method to factory reset the Motherboard ( BIOS Update not included ) inclusive RGB Colors, Symbol on LED Header etc..?? or is the CMOS Button the only solution?

Question 2: is it totally fine if I install missing drivers after a fresh Windows Installation through Device Manager by searching drivers from the supplied USB Driver Stick? ( I don't want to install Armory Crate or install missing drivers with Setup.exe Files except my dedicated Sound+Graphics Card )
Every Port just works fine after just a fresh Windows Installation, I just want to remove some unknown Devices from Device Manager which weren't updated through Windows Update. I mean I tested it, and it worked, but I don't know if it has any Downsides and I really don't need "for example" the complete Realtek Driver Sound Package, because I have a dedicated Creative Soundcard.

Question 3: if I reset all settings in the Bios to custom Defaults, I recognized that the Boot Option won't change to default, what also made me wonder, because at Default Settings I had "Another OS" set up instead of "UEFI". Are really ALL Settings back on default, or are there any other settings in the BIOS that don't switch to custom default, even if you CMOS the Board?

Now my MAIN PROBLEM Questions:

I have a Fractal Torrent RGB Case, my RGB Colors were RED and if my Motherboard was off, the backlight colors were Rainbow and my LED Screen left to the CPU showed also a red ROG LED Meteor Picture and I liked it. After installing Armory Crate to learn where to change things like changing the Picture on the LED Screen or changing the Fan RGB Colors I set everything to default in Armory Crate I found out that EVERYTHING is now Rainbow colored, even the LED Screen shows another Picture than before. I thought let's do a fresh reinstall of Windows 11 and don't even installed Armory Crate ( disabled it in the BIOS ) with also the thoughts that everything get's back like on my first Boot ( everything RED and a red ROG LED Picture ).
BUT exactly this did not happen. Like I said, I disabled Armory Crate in the BIOS, reinstalled a complete fresh Windows Version and the colors and LED Display stayed like I set them in the previous Installation while testing/learning what Armory Crate can do. Even without Armory Crate installed the Colors and LED Screen didn't change back again and that's why I have my mentioned Questions which I posted before coming to my problem.
Is Armory Crate changing Options in the Background, which I can't change back, even if I reinstall a new System on this Board? I don't know and hope for help.

So far right now my only solution would be to install Armory Crate again, set everything up like I liked it manually, inclusive LED Screen and start a new fresh Windows Installation again without even touching Armory Crate again or are there any other solutions?
I'm asking ( and that's why I asked about a factory reset of the complete board ) because even the CMOS Reset Button didn't give me my default Red Profile back, which I had on my very first Boot.
Do Armory Crate changes don't factory reset, even after a fresh Windows Installation?
Or are there any other ways to get everything back like it was on my first start?

Thanks for reading and I really hope for help, because I like this Board, but I had my first experience ever with Armory Crate and I think I will never touch it again, but my Main concerns are really to get everything to factory reset/my default colors back.

I'm thanking in advanced for any solution/experience/help ❤️