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I'm frustrated with my new build! Help please!

Level 7
My family owns a computer supply/repair shop, and supplies internet to 3 states. I'm very frustrated and highly embarrassed that I can't run anything with my new build! My last resort is to ask them for help. Last week I got help from HiVizMan, and we've fixed all but the worst problem: something is preventing Windows from operating properly. I can't install some programs, I can't get the drivers (Windows or GPU) I need to work, and my video card keeps crashing. I've installed UDK and opened the program, but it blue screens when you mess with it. I'm willing to skype with a techie if you think you can help, but remember I'm in Saudi Arabia, that's almost exactly the opposite time zone from America.

I named my computer Zeus. Here's the build:
64 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate, Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, 2 sets of 4x4GBs of G. Skill Ripjaws Z series 19200 PC3 RAM (that's 2400MHz by the way), Western Digital 2TB 6GB/s HDD, Intel I7 Extreme 3930K Step C2 Processor (from the UK), Noctua NH-D14 Cooling unit, Silverstone Strider 1500W PSU, and the AMD Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Graphics Card... not the oc edition.

Thanks in advance.

Level 16
I've read your conversation with HiVizMan, it seems that you're on the right track - based on his posts, he is a really experienced pc guru.

From your previous and this threads one thing, however, sticked to my eyes: "My family owns a computer supply/repair shop, and supplies internet to 3 states" and "My download speed in Saudi Arabia is 2 Mbps" (from your previous thread). Mate, if you want Windows 7 to work properly, you must allow it an adequate internet connection!

It seems that it's hard to get updates for all of your OS and drivers... You do have to do something about this.

I assume that your internet connection is provided by your family's business too. Can you access directly the main server for downloading your updates? Again, i assume that the main server has faster connection speeds, just the following network is slow...

One more thing! In your previous thread, you mentioned: "I purchased a new wireless receiver, one with an antennae..." - be aware that the wireless transmission is always slower than the one through a cable! You may want to connect Zeus to the internet through a wired way, then us wireless for your laptop or whatever else you have.

Thank you for your response. I wish I were using our own internet, but I'm 8000+ miles from the server. Our shop is in Wyoming... sorry. But, I can drag Zeus downstairs again for another wired connection. I just hate moving so much because the D-type cooler is so massive, and it says to remove it when moving the tower. I don't actually remove it, because it requires that I take out the graphics card and leave the CPU exposed to the sand in the air.

Excuses... I know. I'll do it and see what happens.

-please wait for results-

Level 7
I've spent most of the afternoon trying, but only the new windows updates are installing, and again, the 12.3 graphics driver update fails. I don't think my internet connection is the problem anymore.

Level 40
Hey buddy sorry for missing some of your post. Want to fill me in what you think is going on, or why you are sure that it is not an internet problem no more?
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 15
Hahahaha faster internet download speeds to make Win7 run better, so a 2MB/sec download speed isn't fast enough...then how is it my download speed(not the connection) of 500Kb/s is sufficient enough to get my updates for Win7 and keep on going without problems?

Note: Don't forget connection speed and the actual data transfer speed are completely different.

Myk SilentShadow, I did not stated that "faster internet download speeds to make Win7 run better"!

Lugh Azreak was mentioning his problem with the download speed in his previous thread (did you read it?) and even claimed that he didn't updated some of the drivers because it would take very long.

All what I suggested, that he needs all the updates his system can get - so better take the time to download it all. Sorry if you could understood it differently!

"Don't forget connection speed and the actual data transfer speed are completely different." - I know, mate, but a slow connection speed definitely will slow down the actual data transfer speed... Do you agree?

Level 18
I think you isp is exactly the problem.
Update all your drivers before moving on to windows update.
I would.. do one at a time if you have to ..
Unplug (5min) and reboot your modem ( to force a new address..)
if the isp drops your download again ..
you may have to download and repeat to get there..
how many windows updates is windows reporting .. if you get that far ?

Level 10
Ah, having problems with AMD 12-3????

might want to run driver sweeper and clean out all the AMD stuff and then try to install 12-4.

AMD, I think offers a "Clean Install" which should also clean out anything that might be corrupted from previous attempts.

Sorry, guys I have not read anything from the other thread yet.

Level 7
Thanks for all the advice! Here in Saudi Arabia, not only is the internet slow (I'm used to Verizon's quality of internet) but it's inconsistent. However, I don't think that's the problem. I am able to download files that are over a gigabyte without error, and these updates only take a few minutes to download each. It's just that when you have more than ten updates, or when a file is bigger than half a gig, it takes forever and I'm impatient. Freeware like UDK comes in relatively massive files. I actually got my PC to the point where it could run UDK, but it immediately crashed. When I tried again, it froze, then shutdown abruptly without rebooting.

I talked to an expert the other day. He thinks that my anti-virus was preventing my updates from accessing my system and doing what they needed to be stable. I use Kaspersky, it came with the ROG motherboard install disk. I've since reinstalled windows and am slowly installing drivers, one at a time. THe first driver I installed gave me an error, which it has never done before. It was the Intel Chipset driver, the error said the installation program was not a proper Win32 application. Then I tried again, and it worked. *shrugs* No idea what's going on but I wish it would stop.