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I know builders love this question

Level 7
Ive built computers before quite a bit of them but only really inexpensive or really really high end over kill for friends inexpensive for my self i want to go with a 1000-1100 build but to be honest i need help what i want this rig to do coin mining and gameing gaming first i work at home so ill need an ssd just to make the work programs that much more enjoyable i kinda either want something really small for factor like a mitx or a full tower i really really like the 750d look and the 250d i dont mind if parts are open box as long as it has some kind of return policy i kinda want it water cool i do want to dabble into overclocking for bigger cases i like big big side windows and what they are calling stealth covers so you cant see the psu and hdds or w way to atleast hide the hdds on the bottom or behind i dont go to lanes all that often im pretty tech savvy myself ive worked at geek squad a dj company as a technician a video game repair shop and currently at uhaul if somethign is really compelling id be willing to go over the budget a little but i dont want it to turn into a 2000 dollar build thank you in advance ps im a huge asus and corsair fanboy my first request and kind of requirement is i want an RoG board i like the software and the sound innovations i hope they come out with a amd MITX borad for RoG i dont need a hdd i have them just laying around also dont need ODD

Level 14
well what sort of games do you play?
the expensive part here wouldbe the graphic card if so.

Level 7
i like games like LoL and GW2 but i also wanna play more games like bf4 bless and other games you can play just because of the art work

Level 14
look at the price of the 280 or the 290 ati cards.
or nvidia if you are going whit that look at the 780 ( it have the new arcitecture gpu cpu ).
you would need a 750w psu.
amd or intel based pc??
intel look at the i5 or i7 ( last one is hyper tread ( lga 1150 )
platform ( if newest ) z87 motherboard ( lga1150 ) whit that socket.
amd is stil not out whit a new gen cpu yet so the mobo is stil on the pcie 2.0 exept of one board i know of ( sabretooth mobo ) that have a pcie gen 3 on it.
how mutch ram?
ssd as a minimum just for os and a few smal programs only i advise minimum a 120gig.
what sort of form factor mother board do you want?
sli/xfire option???
over clocking?

Im leaning more towRds the amd cards becuase of coin minning 8 gb is fine I agree with thw ssd any form factor and im up to the idea of dual cards
I would also like upgrade ability unless im going with a mitx I can also give old parts in the fiance pc when I upgrade I want to start learning how to oc better so some basic oc

Level 14
psu. single card 750w. dual cards 850w.
what cooling solution are you going whit?
air or the closed loop?? ( corsair h70 for example ).

I was thinking closed but that's why I am asking what's better office per performance ratio in my budget

Level 14
this is a build whit out OS ( windows ) and case ->
there you have a m-atx board whit sli/x-fire option on. ( ROG as asked for )

Level 10
At 1100USD, options for a gaming machine are fairly limited. CLICK ON THIS. Those parts are fairly good. If you find it in the forums, Flank3r made a thread benching the A10-7850k. Compared in games against the i5-4670k with an R9 270x for graphics, there was normally a difference of just 1-5 frames, sometimes in favor of the 7850k, sometimes in favor of the 4670k.
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Level 7
Ya but thats not to say in the next few months ill have some more money to invest into the build I mean I love computers im on them all the time I work from home ive done alot of builds just not in this price range I love to game even at this point I wouldn't even mind upgradeing my current system and wnd up slowing building a new machine