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I have this Hardware: could you chek the heat?

Level 11
Hi, I am totally inexperienced in this field and would be happy if someone could give me some advice.

My hardware is this and I use it with Windows 10:
CASE: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Full Tower (black) - black (multi-color LED)
CPU: Intel i9 7940X
RAM: DIMM DDR4 32GB G.Skill PC 3200 CL14 KIT (4x8GB) 32GTZR Tri/ Z RGB [F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR].
COOLING SYSTEM: Corsair H150i 360mm cooler
POWER SUPPLY: Corsair CP-9020093-EU RMx Series ATX/EPS 850 Watt Power Supply
SSD Drive: (C) 512GB Samsung 960 EVO PCIe M.2 NVMe

Since I work with my PC for many hours a day, the fan noise started to bother me.
So I switched from "Balanced" to "Silent" and the fan noise decreased but the heat increased a bit.
I am attaching several pictures to make it clearer and would like some advice if I can continue to leave the fans on "Silent".
Sometimes I do video editing and the CPU and GPU strain more.

This picture is from when I put "Silent" but without any work from the PC.

This photo refers to when I set "Silent" but while using export clips from the timeline of the video editing software (Edius 9) But the temperature even reached up to 50 ° C.

These are the temperatures while I was doing video editing.

My question is:
could I leave the "Silent" option without damaging the various PC components?
Now it is winter in my country, could I leave it "Silent" even in the hottest months of the year?
Thank you for your advice.

EDIT: Now I have checked the "Temp7" of the mobo with the computer almost inactive and I have noticed that the temperature is unfortunately always 68 °. And it was 68 ° even when it was with the "Balanced" option.

Level 7
50C is hardly cause for concern, my overclocked 7940 hits 80C when rendering in Lightwave. You will find your temps increase when you render out your footage, you may want to run a benchmark such as Cinebench to see what you max out at.

Level 11
I thank you for your info. I will do the benchmark. But why do I see 68° only in one sensor of the mobo? Is it notmal?

Level 11
I have just some some tests, with Cinebench and HWiNFO64, could you check them please?
I attach 2 files for the CPU and 2 files for GPU
Then I attach the files for HWiNFO64.
II attach another files too, for my Settings.
I thank you to check them because I'm totally inexperienced.

Level 8
you temps are fine 😃 A general rule of thumb is 40 Celsius idling 40-85 under intensive load anything over 90 is bad and will require a more efficient cooler

Level 11
Thanks with all my heart for your precious news.