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How to remove Armoury Crate

Level 7

Hello everyone, I am new here on the forum, but I think quite a few people share the same problem as me. Armoury Crate is really unusable, not very useful and takes up space. I find it really obnoxious that if you have an Asus motherboard, Armoury Crate is installed by default, plus all the functions it offers are replaceable by other better programs like for overclocking via Msi Afterburner and the LEDs are configurable via ICue. What's more, if you try to uninstall Armoury Crate from Windows itself via control panel, it will still remain on your pc 😕 Until recently a complete removal tool was available from the official Asus website but now they have unfortunately removed it.
And if you don't want to go crazy deleting file by file from the C: drive, here's the solution:
Asus' complete uninstaller before removal from their site!


Virus Total scan


Level 9

I won't lie, Armoury Crate gives me so many headaches.....
And I don't enjoy the forced update just to go to the device settings page.

But its actually good overall and I've been using it for years, I even went early adopter and "ditched" the old one that they had before.

Then there's the other settings thing, if I want to change the VRM fan on the Ryujin I need Armoury Crate and so on.

Anyway, here it is on the BIOS


Save yourself, I'm in too deep 🤣



Level 7

Use Revo Uninstaller Free to uninstall Armoury Crate and its traces. Do the same for the other Asus related programs/services that are installed in your system. If you're only using Asus peripherals, like me, it's all of them. Restart the PC, then run the Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool as administrator. Restart again, enable "show hidden files" and delete all Asus folders in C drive. Run Windows Disk cleaning utility with system files included, checking all the boxes. Run CCleaner's registry cleaning.

And that's it, you've finally eradicated the plague.

Completely unnecessary. And of course once you do this then there is no way to install it again.

Not unnecessary, there's always traces left behind if you don't do all those things. You can install it again normally, why wouldn't you? It's a fresh install. I've done this several times already.

Like I said, I only have peripherals, if you have an Asus motherboard, it's more complicated, then you shouldn't remove it.

Hi DSD27, I understand. But the point I would like to make is that these traces are not going to have any impact on system performance if you used the uninstall tool. Also in my experience, the installer will run into problems once you make those kind of non asus changes to their software. All of my experience involves an Asus motherboard, but I think its still not something I would recommend doing even with accessories only.

One more comment about uninstalling it and the traces that remain. If you see device drivers remaining for the accessories in device manager, just use Driver store explorer tool available on Github to force delete the driver and reboot. Done. Takes less than 30 seconds and does not screw with asus armoury crate leftovers.

Windows updates may reinstall the driver in which case, just don't worry about it.

Level 12

Hi Uzz, I already have some replies in this thread that indicate my thinking on this, but I wanted to also reply to your OP. Concerns about Armoury Crate left overs after using the uninstall tool kind of remind me of that phrase used in spy circles the "Wilderness of Mirrors". The point is, that it seems very unlikely any part of Armoury crate is slowing down your system or using all that much space after using the uninstall tool. So your efforts to remove them are probably pointless and could cause you new problems just for your trouble. I have spent a year and half studying many of these Armoury Crate "issues". If you want to know whether there actually is a problem with parts of the software, you could get the free "process explorer" tool developed and released by sysinternals to examine very closely whether any left over parts of the program are using cpu cycles. edits: spelling