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How to place 4 nvidia gpus in a motherboard

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Considering just the size of latest GPUs, I am failing to find a motherboard that can accept 3 GPUs. 

Anyone knows why?

I have seen several products having 4 and more PCIe x16 ports spaced single slot from each other, What is the point when all modern devices take 2 or 3 slots in width?

If GPU are occupying more space why aren't motherboards build longer to accommodate?


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I don't even understand why graphical cards are built this way nowadays. They occupy a maximum of 3 slots. Sure, my Titan RTX is built for one PCI-E slot however I wouldn't install anything underneath it because it would be so close to the card. Technically it's already 2 slots taken but these cards from Nvidia 4000 series are just huge. 

In relevance to your question, you may buy at an exclusive price a server or a Threadripper motherboard. Their designed to comply with a 3 or 4-way GPU compatibility. I have one of them 😎

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Do you refer to something like this w790e-sage ? Note how slot spacing is still the same, accepting maybe 2x 4090 cards. For some reason the space for PCIe slots remains the same on all models.

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Hi @AlexBaraba,

Limited use cases these days for enthusiast-grade motherboards. Real estate is better used elsewhere to reduce signalling issues and prioritise controllers that users want.

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