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How to Manually Set Fan Speed to 100% In ASUS G20CB?

Level 7
Hello, this is the exact issue. I bought Samsung NVME Evo 970 and its idle temp is 64 - 69 C. This is bad as it does not properly function at 70 C. Under load for only 3 measly minutes it breaches 80 C, which is quite bad.

I would like to set my fan's speeds to be 100 %, all of the time, but I am not sure how to manually set them. The BIOS option only goes up to 600 RPM, but when I try to exit it says "Save & Reset" so I dont know how to save without this strange 'reset' and I also want my fans 100%, not like, 10%. Currently the fans don't respond to the temperature of the SSD whatsoever.

AFAIK the computer comes with Aegis Suite II, Command, and Game Alive, but not AI which people say allows for custom fan temps. I really need some program to get these speeds at 100%. Thanks!

The PC is ASUS G20CB. It has i7 6700, modified H97 or H110 mobo, 16 GB SODIMM DDR4. It came with a 970.

Level 7
Hi, did you find an answer other than turning off the auto speed and letting the fans spin at max?

i got to 80 degrees too. Turned the chassis to manual and left cpu to auto. i also put my gpu fan onto 75% manual. Temp at the moment is 64 degrees.

Level 11
Save and reset is not strange, it's normal. It means save the settings and reboot the computer with new settings.

Level 7
I've got the Samsung Evo 970 Plus and fitted into one of these when i started having temperature issues.

There is no way I could fit a 40x40 fan anywhere to help with airflow without some serious metal work on the inside of the case.

I have CPU fan running on manual so it's 4000rpm constant and put the 1070 founders onto manual 50% too giving 2000rpm. HWINFO temps 57 max 54 min 56 average.

I'm pretty sure the chassis fan was giving better cooling when enabled so going to reverse in the bios and take temps again