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Hero Z590 + 980 pro unable to Raid

Level 10
Hey guys
Just put together a z590 + 10900k system together.
Along with 2 980 pro NVME.
I cannot configure the 2 NVME as raid (trying to have them show up as 1 System drive)
The board has 4 M.2 slots. And I was told by Asus Tech through chat to use
M.2_1 (which is ‘A’ from the manual) and M.2_2 slots (which is ‘C’ from the manual)
I tried playing with storage confit from ACHI to RAID, Any help and suggestions will be great.*

Level 10
He told me the same but m.2_1 is reserved for 11th gen cpu that give pcie4.0.
Logically it should still function but it does not.

Has anyone came up with a resolution for this I have 2 2gig rocket pci 4 drives that I can not get to raid

if it anything like the Strix z590-e, then M.2_1 is turned off regardless if you are lot using an 11th gen cpu on the MB. Is the drive seen when in the first slot?

I am using 11900k both drives show up ....but do not show up in raid Manger I am using slot 1 and 2 on the board

Level 13
I don't run RAID so I don't have much experience. But the Manual states Raid should be obtainable using M.2_3 and M.2_4. The board has all sorts of restrictions on which slots can be used together and what it effects in other areas. And with a 10th Gen processor, it gets even more complicated.

But lets say you had 2 M.2 NVMe drives in those slots. First the manual also seems to say, only M.2_4 will do SATA mode. When you want an NVMe drive to function as SATA you need to install the F6 Floppy drivers during the initial install.

If you open the Bios and select EZ Bios, do you see an Intel RAID option in the lower left middle of the window? Is that enabled?
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200