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Hero 670e Problems

Level 8
basically Microsoft Edge and Chrome ( Chromium Browsers) cause bad problems. PC ends up locking up with them and I need a hard reset. Also when starting something like HWINFO64 the mouse will slow and stutter for a little while before working fully again.

Now I can use Firefox without any problem and games like iRacing and Far Cry 5 run without a hitch. in Windows 11 with a 7950x cpu

My 1st lot of 6000 memory failed Memtest86 at stock but passed at Expo1 . My 2nd lot of 6000 from the QVL list would not post at all and iirc it was a C6 error . Both these were RMA ( one back to Gskill in Taiwan and the other to the vendor in Australia ) . Now have some non QVL 5600 memory from Corsair and have the exact same problem that I had with my first memory kit......the Chromium browsers lock up and need a hard reboot. The Corsair memory passed the Windows Memory Diagnostic Test .

So Maybe its the settings in the motherboard .....I have the latest BIOS and maybe increasing the voltage is the way to go but how do you do that? Can you up the voltage while you are in Expo 1? I can see 2 voltages settings in the BIOS that can be used but am not sure if its wise. The good thing is the case has excellent air flow