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Help! No idea what to do next ASUS ROG MAximus Hero XI (WIFI)

Level 7
Hello guys,

So i have huge issue with my pc and its driving me crazy.

After normal night of gaming turned off PC, and went to bed. Next day after booting, blank screen and MBO showing A2 error. ( IMG_1553.jpg)

CPU Intel i9 9900K
GPU Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti OC LHR
MBO Asus ROG Maximus hero XI (WIFI)
RAM DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 4x 8GB
SSD 1 Intel 535 1TB
SSD 2 Samsung EVO 1TB
M.2 Kingstone 960GB
Custom water cooling by Aquatuning - Just cpu. Its an overkill since i want to add GPU later on in loop. Cpu temp Maxes at 50°C
PSU Corsair HX Series 80Plus Platinum 1200W

Pc is stuck when trying to boot and doesnt show any picture. I tried reassembling it, cleaning, same issue. Then i remembered HDMI port on MBO. IF i unplug all cables and use it my system boots up perfectly. IMG_1549.JPEG. Even with GFX inside and using HDMI on MBO, it boots perfectly
Now the issue is that when i enter bios my GFX card is not showing up IMG_1552.JPG . Thought its gone even if its pretty new. I bought new one thinking gfx is problem.
Today new GPU arrives, Palit 3090 (IMG_1554.JPG ) and same issue, A2 Error on MBO when trying to boot. Plugged back in the MBO hdmi to use onboard gfx and it works.

Things i have tried so far:
-Flashing bios, doesnt help.
-Took out battery for longer portion of day while i was on work, placed back when i came back and same thing.
-I have tried switching GPU to another PCIe slots and same issue.
-Completely rebuilding PC
-Switching power supply
-Switching all cables, and i have tried to use 2 power supply cables from PSU to GPU instead of one splitted (IMG_1550.jpg IMG_1551.jpg)
-Removed all drives except OS one
-Removed all RAM and tried one by one
-Updated bios to last version
-Downgraded bios to last known that worked the best
-Tried all 3 PCIe slots and same issue on all
-Checked CPU bracket for bent pins, nothing wrong there.
-CPU is running on stock speeds with around 50°C At full load due to using thick radiators(1x 10cm 360 + 1x 3cm 360. Both with 3 vent on EACH side), so im not sure that CPU could be issue.
-Replacing display cables to monitors, with HDMI and DP
-With 3080TI, 3090 and 1080 same issue IMG_0175

Unfortunately dont have spare CPU and MBO to test further, and i dont want to drag my pc to some repair shop to get told same thing i know already, and get charged same price as new MBO
Now ordered new MBO in hopes thats the issue. In meantime while it arrives if you have any suggestions how to solve, or past experience with simmilar issue please drop it here

Is it not detected in bios because of using onboard gfx or?
I talked to few people and recieved answer that either MBO is gone, or PCIe lane controller on CPU
Does anyone have experience with something like that? Problem is if i order new MBO, and its atually CPU gone, 9900K costs more than 12900K at the moment locally. And if i want to take 12900K i have to change MBO, rams and CPU, and thats something i dont want to do at the moment because im more than happy with my 9900K

So please HELP me because im going crazy here. Idk what to try next

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A2 Error...

Try to plug the drive you want the OS on and your optical drive only, boot from CD drive. any additional drives makes the bios crazy without a OS yet.

Code A2 = IDE Detect

These codes can mean more than one thing, in this case it's the gpu not being detected.

If he's playing a game he has an OS installed and in step 7 of the things he tried, he tried booting with only the OS drive.

With all the things he's tried, there's not much else it could be except the motherboard.

I would lean towards the motherboard too as the pcie slots don't work, three gpu's are not detected, trying with another power supply didn't help, and the cpu works.

helecro - Your motherboard has a 3 year warranty, check your purchase date.

Let us know how it goes with the new motherboard.

Level 7
HEllo Guys, just to keep updated, i have recieved new MBO now and all works perfectly. so yeah luckily it is MBO.

Now my main issue i have is ASUS xD I have tried calling and sending emails for warranty of MBO. Yes it still is valid. I bought it over german Amazon. COntacted asus germany, 3 days later i recieve that i have to contact asus austria. I do that, now recieve answer that amazon seller where i purchased MBO is in italy and i have to contact italy. Called them today but their english isnt best and they forwarded me back to asus Austria, which now told me again same story, i have to go to asus Italy. Hopefully i sort it out and get it fixed or replaced to have spare in case of some new issue in future.