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Help building for OC and WC

Level 7
Hello community, this is my entry post in this forum.

I’m planning on retiring my 4 year old dual core pc, and would very much appreciate your input regarding a build mainly for gamming.
It will be my first experience in overclocking and water cooling.

The setup I thought of is as follows:

Case -> Fractal Design Define R4
Board -> Asus Maximus VI Hero
CPU -> Intel Core i5 4670K
Mem -> Corsair Dominator Platinium DDR3 1600MHz 2x8GB OR GskillTrident X DDR3 2400MHz 2x8GB OR Gskill Trident X DDR3 2400MHz 2x4GB (help me choose and try to explain your choices)
HDD -> SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
WC -> Swiftech H220

I’m maintaing my current PSU an OCZ 700w, HDD sata with 1Tb and graphic card Asus GTX660 2GB DirectCU II, unless you convince me otherwise…

Is there anything you recommend changing, upgrading or downgrading? Please try to explain your choices, so that I can learn from you guys.

I have around 130€ to spare if I choose the 16Gb mem kit. Do you think I can invest this amount in something that adds something to what I’m aiming at?

Thank you in advance for you time a suggestions.
Ps. Sorry for any misspelling, as English is not my native language.

Level 14
i found theese on the site of the 1600mhz ram
they are 25 euros cheaper then the dominator platinum ones, and its 16 gig.
and gskill's memory computer says its compatible whit your motherboard.
i found theese on the page too, but from what i can understand its out of stock, and i cant see when its coming in stock.
but on the predator i would sugest to mail kingston and ask if its suported by the new chipset ( LGA1150 ) just to be on the safe side ( if you deside on this that is ).

i have 3 noiceblockers of this type -> <- and i cant hear the noice from them, since the fans of my screencards are noicy.

Level 10
You might want to go with more ram over faster ram if gaming. As kkn stated, you won't really be able to tell the difference after 2133 if gaming but you can utilize RoG ramdisk to install your games which will boost loading times.

Level 7
I was looking for 1600Mhz plus, that's why I didn't mention those ones. Thanks. (And I'm in for MMO's)
So you say that I'll do great with the 1600Mhz mem 16Gb kit... that is good news for me 🙂 another 30€ saved.

So, bottom line, assuming you don't suggest any other changes I'm all set up to place the order.

I'll use the 160€ for the extra fans and the 250Gb SSD upgrade from the 128Gb.

As for the cooling of the rig, what should be the best set up? Is the Swiftech H220 good for what I need?
Radiator on top as an exhaust, or maybe in the front as intake (if the case permits)?

Can I aim at 4.5Ghz of OC speed with this build, and maintain a steady system?

Any other useful tips you can thing of, please shared them... I'll gladly take any advice. I want to learn!

Level 14
a 24/7 OC at that temp that cooler cant handle.
a OC on load and on idle go down.
example-> OC at 4.4 and idle at 1.6 to keep it cool.
a OC at around 4.4 is a good OC for game realy.
16gig mem is a good spot to be honest, not too mutch or too little.
that H220 is dual 120fan slot ( if im not 100% wrong )
just remember this, if you have plans to add more ram down the road, do NOT add a second kit to the one your gona buy now.
ALWAYS buy 1 kit of the amount of ram you want to prevent problems whit mixing kits.

Level 14
and before mounting every thing inside the case, test the hardware outside the case first.
post back here when you have the parts.
place the mobo on the box the mobo comes in.

Level 7
The PC wont be always on, it's more in the nights after work, and on weekends.

I didn't quite understand the OC example... 😞 I understood that 4.5Mhz is too much for the current set up.
The H220 has two 120mm fans that range from 800 to 1800 rpms.

Can I change on the fly as I please the OC of my setup, or do I need to make the changes and boot the system (sorry never OC nor have the proper knowledge of RoG).

As for the mem's, you're saying that if I want to upgrade my mem, I'll have to bin these old ones. The board doesn't know how to deal with them?

Level 14
memory: its becouse you dont have to end up having problems if you mix 2 diffrent kits ( even how alike they seem to be )
the best is to get 1 kit witch have been tested together and are shure to work together whit out giving problems.

OC: what i ment here is, when working on the PC ( the processor works ) it will OC to the amount you have set the pc to ( inside bios ) lets say its 4.5ghz, and when the PC is idle ( not in use ) it clocks down from 4.5 to 1.6 to save power and not produce that mutch heat.

and no you can not change to a desire OC when ever you want to ( well i can not do so on the one i have ).
you can save diffrent OC profiles inside bios ( but for that you have to reboot for change for profile ).

Level 7
Thank you all for the information provided, especially kkn for is availability and various answers to my questions.

If you still have different opinions, please shared them… more brains work better than just one.

I’m becoming a fan of RoG, and this forum/site, it has a lot of useful information, and it will provide me the knowledge to better use the planned set up.

A quick run-down of what I’ll probably be getting:

Case -> Fractal Design Define R4
Board -> Asus Maximus VI Hero
CPU -> Intel Core i5 4670K
Mem -> Gskill Ripjaws X DDR3-1600MHz 2x8GB
HDD -> SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
WC -> Swiftech H220
Fan -> 2x Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro 140mm 1200RPM

For the cooling of the system, I’ll probably install the 2 Noiseblocker in the front, move the one that comes by default to the side panel, and mount the H220 on top of the case as an exhaust.

In this case, I’ll have a total of 2 intakes (2x140mm 1200RPM in the front, and a side 140mm 1000RPM) and 2 exhausts (140mm 1000RPM in the back, and the rad on the top). Hope this will suffice.

Ps. kkn, good advice for testing the components.