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Help building for OC and WC

Level 7
Hello community, this is my entry post in this forum.

I’m planning on retiring my 4 year old dual core pc, and would very much appreciate your input regarding a build mainly for gamming.
It will be my first experience in overclocking and water cooling.

The setup I thought of is as follows:

Case -> Fractal Design Define R4
Board -> Asus Maximus VI Hero
CPU -> Intel Core i5 4670K
Mem -> Corsair Dominator Platinium DDR3 1600MHz 2x8GB OR GskillTrident X DDR3 2400MHz 2x8GB OR Gskill Trident X DDR3 2400MHz 2x4GB (help me choose and try to explain your choices)
HDD -> SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
WC -> Swiftech H220

I’m maintaing my current PSU an OCZ 700w, HDD sata with 1Tb and graphic card Asus GTX660 2GB DirectCU II, unless you convince me otherwise…

Is there anything you recommend changing, upgrading or downgrading? Please try to explain your choices, so that I can learn from you guys.

I have around 130€ to spare if I choose the 16Gb mem kit. Do you think I can invest this amount in something that adds something to what I’m aiming at?

Thank you in advance for you time a suggestions.
Ps. Sorry for any misspelling, as English is not my native language.

Level 14
what is the main purpose for the pc?
is it games?
i would sugest memory from 1600mhz to max 2133mhz, and you would realy NOT see enny diffrence enny way.
16gig of mem is more then enough.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i would look in to getting new fans for that fractial ( at a later state ) since they run on low RPM ( i have a big tower my self ).

Level 7
Without knowing the use of the rig it will be difficult to recommend many things as changes or upgrade, your collections seems right for me, and if i will change one thing then it will be the SSD size, 128Gb is too low for OS+apps+games, that will be filled in no time, it is better to start with minimum 256Gb or 240GB, and Samsung 840 Pro 256GB is the sweetest one in the market i can see.
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Intel i7-3930K
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX Titan Windforce
Patriot Viper 32GB[4x 8GB] 2133MHz
Samsung 840 Pro 256GB 2x
Western Digital Black Caviar 2TB 7200rpm
Corsair AX1200
Cooler Master HAF X

Level 40
I would take it from the spec that you are going to be using your system as a general PC and you are not a gamer.

I would use any extra money for 16GB of ram.

With the on board graphics you can set the amount of Video ram in the BIOS.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
I would take it from the spec that you are going to be using your system as a general PC and you are not a gamer.
I would use any extra money for 16GB of ram.
With the on board graphics you can set the amount of Video ram in the BIOS.

he have a 660 that hes gona drag from the old system.

use the ssd you have now and use it whit only OS and whit as limitet programs on it as possible, save all large programs and games on the HDD and save up to buy a SD down the road to smack games on, you will not regret that, sincetheres a good deal of loading time that gets reduced to a few sec.

Level 7
Thank you all for the comments and pointers.

The rig is aimed for gaming, although I’m not a gamming fanatic, but with limited money. I can’t afford a high end gaming PC, but I want to overclock it and water cool it.

My general budget is around 1000€. From the stuff I have in mind and posted above, considering I go for the 16Gb ram kit, I will have around 130€ to spare.

I have doubts about the mem to choose, the corsair platinium or the gskill. Assuming you’ll recommend the 16Gb pack.

The other thing is what to do with the extra cash… upgrading de SSD is a good point, and will fit my budget.

Any other things I should consider, or you suggest changing?

I’ll take in to consideration the suggestion of kkn, for the extra fans to the case. It comes with dual 140mm fans, one in the front and one in the back.

Hope to read more from you…
The rig is aimed for gaming

Level 14
the fans are made for silence and not for pushing mutch air, they are around 1000RPM each and pushes around 66cfm.
look at the tridents at around 1600- 2133 mhz range and you can save some monney there too to use some where else.
i would guess you play MMO games? ( WoW and games like that? )
if you look at the specs of this fan -> <- look at the CFM and mmh20
you want fans that have 1.00 and up to keep good airflow/push air and to cool down.
are your plans to have the cooler as intake or exhaust?

SD = SSD ( in the other post )

Level 7
On my usual online shop, they don’t have that brand of fans, so I looked for something similar… the Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro 140mm 1700RPM, is it too much?

As for the mem, the ones posted above are the:
Corsair Dominator Platinium DDR3 1600MHz 2x8GB CAS-9
GskillTrident X DDR3 2400MHz CAS-10

The same 16Gb kit, but they run at different speeds and have different CAS… I’m aiming for a 2x8Gb kit, and there are not that many available other than the ones listed (not where I’m planning to order)

As for the radiator, I was thinking on putting it on the top of the case sending air out.
In this set up, I would have one intake, the front fan and two exhausts, the back one and the ones in the radiator.
Is this a correct set up for optimal air flow and cooling?

Level 14
well i did not mean that you should buy that fan, it was just an example.
i know what memory you posted, just mentioned you can lower the MHZ and see if you can get some cheaper ( of the gskill series you posted ) since you would not see enny performance or diffrence when it comes to normal day use and gaming.
what sort of internet store are you getting the parts from?

Level 7
Since I'm Portuguese, a Portuguese one 🙂

I value your opinions, that is why I looked for something similar... do you think that fan qualifies, or is it too much?

As for the mem, I got it 😉

I'm planning on adding another front fan. Do you think this set up will function properly?