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Help! Addressable Lighting (Phanteks G500A + Z790Hero VII Board + Light Strips)

Level 7


I have just completed a brand new fresh build and am having some LED lighting issues and am unsure what to do now. When using aura I am unable to get them to sync at all. Everything is in rainbow colors and when I try to set some devices to a specific color other LED devices just turn off. My goal is to have all parts being able to sync or individually have them have their own individual lighting. The build consists the following items which all use LED lighting:

Phanteks G500A (3 built in M25-140 fans)

1 Additional M25-140 fan for the rear exhaust

Phanteks M1 Neon Light Strip

Phanteks Digital RGB LED Combo Kit

Asus Z790 Hero VII Motherboard

Phanteks Glacier One 360 T30 V2

Corsair 64 GB RAM

Asus 1000W Thor

The motherboard has one Aura RGB header (12V) and 3 Addressable Gen2 headers (5V). The Phanteks case has a 3 pin RGB 5V male in which the instructions state is used to expand products along with a 3 pin 5V female header which the instructions state is for syncing lighting to the motherboard. 

The devices I need to hook up directly to the motherboard for lighting are the Glacier One CPU LED, LED Strip, Neon LED Strip, 4 fans, and power supply. The case has its own lighting as well which I believe needs to be hooked up the motherboard. The case has a controller which I want to bypass by using the Aura software if possible.

I have purchased this splitter to help make the hookup possible.

I am at a loss as to the best way to hook all of these up so the Aura software detects all LED items and allows customization (Gen 2 if ideally), please advise I am dumbfounded at this point, thank you for any and all assistance!