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help 00 code

Level 7
ok i kept getting asus fan service has stopped working and i saw a post here saying that he installed ai suite and it stopped so i tried to install ai suite for my mobo and it bsod saying exception in asusfilter.sys.

I tried to install again and it was a success but shortly after desktop was up it bsod again same reason. so i deleted ai suite with iouninstaller and now every time i boot it starts the windows icon with a0 then it switches to 00 code . anyone know what i can do to get it back to a0 code . so far it hasnt bsod yet even with 00 code but its only been an hour.

oh and the cleaner i found just flashes and closes immediately and yes i have been running everything as admin priv


windows 8.1 1080ti strix mobo asus hero 7

Level 7
YAY ..i fixed it after hours of messing with it and system restore .
It was solved by shuting down pc but leaving it plugged in and holding cmos clr button on mobo than i booted into bios and held it again till it restarted by itself and not only do i have the "a0"' code now but it also solved an issive had for a year or two where if i restarted or shutdown pc the first post would alsways hang on rog splash screen with "99" code but if i heldd the power button down and restarted pc it would always boot to windows everytime.

Level 11
Thank you for sharing your solution. 😄