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HDD expansion kit for ASUS Vivo notebook series F509FB

Level 7

Hi ROG Forum,

I'm writing this post because I'd like to get some advices on how to successfully expand my laptop's storage.

Today I was dessasembling my ASUS Vivobook 15 F509FB-EJ116T for a mechanical problem (the USB interfaces board shifted after the lap fell on the ground) and I noticed both a "HDD" labled connector and a full space for a new HDD expansion.

I've contacted the ASUS support via chat and they told me that HDD connector is a standard SATA interface eventhough the interface is in facts proprietary (not a standard SATA connector). They then told me to contact a GOLD Store in my country but they also told me they don't sell the HDD expansion kit I'd need to successfully upgrade my lap with a HDD.

That said, the GOLD Store employee told me that the kit is named "MTP" but upon searching it online I didn't found anything related to my usecase scenario. What I've found searching for "ASUS HDD expansion kit" was the individual caddy suited for my lap's series:|l and a third party kit having the adapter (from proprietary connector to standard SATA), a sticky caddy-like envelope for the physical HDD installation and what I'd guess are some mounting brackets: or some spare connector for disassembled laps: . However, none of these products are labbled specifically for my laptop..


I'm asking here if you guys have any advice for what to buy instead of this mid-tier bundles/solutions I've found online so far. I've watched some videos online employing some full equipped bundles but I cannot find them to buy, like this one that doesn't apply to my specific lap series: .

My best bet I think would be to buy the kit I've found on Amazon (shared above) considering it has both the adapter and some kind of mounting apparatus. What do you think?

Any help would be much appreciated!