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Hardware RAID Management vanished?!

Level 7

a few years ago (think it was at Win 7 times) I created a hardware RAID using the Managemant Tool, which was displayed during POST.

I think it was CTRL+I.

Over the years this POST message seems to have disappeared. I didn't change the hardware at all. The only difference is that I'm using Windows 10 now.
Now, when I turn on the PC and press CTRL+I the system just stops booting (the Windows 10 Logo won't show, the monitor just stays black).

By hitting CTRL+ ALT + DEL the system restarts normally.
Intel RST is installed + the RAID shows up there.

What is going on there? Is that tool removed? If yes, how do u create a hardware RAID nowadays?

Board is Maximus VI Formula.

Thanks a lot guys!

EDIT: Maybe this is caused by UEFI Mode? But where is that config Tool hidden in UEFI ? I just can't find it. Looking for that tool to set up the drives (raid mode, strip size, aso.)

Edit 2: Nope, I checked the boards manual. After setting the SATA Controller to RAID mode, there should be the prompt to press CTRL + I during post to set up the RAID. My SATA Controller is set to RAID mode. I really think that prompt vanished since installing Win10.
What the heck do I do now?! 😕

Edit 3: Solved. After flashing the BIOS with the same firmware that was already installed, the RAID config utility shows up again during POST.
Strange ...