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Gundam build USB issue

Level 7

First post here, so please be gentle haha.  I've recently gotten the Gundam themed build, and I'm having an issue with the USB header on the case.  The case is the Helios case which has 4 USB ports on the header, however only 2 are functional.  As near as I'm able to determine, the Z590 motherboard only has a single port for them to be plugged into, but for all 4 to function, a second port is needed.  Has anyone else run into this issue and perhaps has advice or a solution, or maybe can tell me I'm blind and where a secondary port is on the motherboard haha.


Level 11

USB 3.0 20-pin Header Male to USB 2.0 9pin Female Adapter Converter Cable. If used two headers will work as USB 2.0.

new build question, Motherboar has 1 20 pin USB co... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 877188 (


Level 7

Thank you SO much!  I was looking at 20 pin splitter cables, but they all had horrible reviews.  This sounds like it should do exactly what I need!