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Graphic Card Advice & Conversation

Level 7
Hi Asus communities, its been awhile I own a desktop as per mention Here in the introduction thread.

I decided to open a thread. Getting a GPU since that is the only component im missing out. Been watching and reading about GPU for awhile.
Currently using GTX 560 😛

Im using x570 mobo, it supports pcie 4.0 gpu which is only AMD Radeon has it. Will Nvidia have pcie 4.0 & any idea when will they have it?
My build plan was to get a white gpu from gigabyte RTX 2070s OC white for my build color scheme but the gpu is pcie 3.0 and I was thinking to sacrifice the color just to get the newer which is pcie 4.0. should be a wise choice, I assume :p;)

so pcie 4.0 option is obviously RX 5700 XT but since its already 2020, I read that AMD is releasing a new series of gpu? high-end? :confused:
so im wondering when will they launch it? estimated price range? should I wait or just get rx5700xt? Any idea? 🙂

Any thoughts and advice is welcome.