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GPU Change

Level 7
Hi All,

New to the forum,

This may have already been looked at but I cant find it in the posts. I have a ROG G20AJ and the GTX 750 inside is getting noisy so changing.

Attempted a newer 750ti but the fabs shroud on the MSI one meant it was a no fit. My next option trying from shop tomorrow is a sapphire radeon rx460, according to specs on size it will fit but is there any conflict issues with drivers for this card or should i be good?

Thanks in advance.

Level 9
You'll have to perform a complete uninstall of the Nvidia Drivers. I would remove the drivers before swapping the card but I don't think it will cause any issues if you remove them after you swap. After you are 100% sure they are gone give it a good ol' reboot and verify, then install the new drivers for the Radeon. shouldn't cause you any issues unless the build from manufacturer has some other conflict. I have done a few swaps between Nvidia and AMD and there were no major issues unless I messed up something. But I built my own PC and had a clean windows install not a "ASUS" windows build if that makes sense. I don't see where there would be an issue myself. If anyone else knows something I don't then add your input.
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Level 13
Its always best to remove the drivers for any card before you change the card out.
DDU will remove all traces of the driver and prevent any conflicts.
Simply launch it, select safe mode from the drop down, it will reboot to safe mode and relaunch, select clean and restart then let it do its thing.
When it reboots the drivers will be gone.

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All good thanks guys running smooth and very silent. thanks for advice, remove nvidia drivers before switching.

Just an out of the box question has anyone ever but this rig in a tower case?

Level 13
I was initially looking at a G20 then decided to do my own build over space restrictions. Cant fit two 1080 strix cards it it! :cool:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein