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Good quality speakers.

Level 7
Could use some advice on a good set of PC speakers. PC is mainly used for gaming, and music. I have a 2.1 set now that is starting to pop. Would like another 2.1 set with a built in amp if possible.

Using a MF7. I would not mind investing in a sound card (1x, as I plan to run SLI later on) if needed. Honestly though, is it worth getting a sound card with the MF7, a lot of the cards I've been looking at (SoundBlaster ZxR and the Xonar Essence) have the same specs as the MB.

Space is not an issue, any suggestions?

Have a look at these. I had the Klipsch 5.1 pc speaker system and it rocks. The bass quality is excellent.

There is no need for a sound card with the maximus vii formula, It has supreme FX.

Level 10
You could go for Corsair SP2500 2.1. It's a bit pricey and you have to find space for the subwoofer because it's bloody big. However, put those quibbles aside, it's very good. Turning up the sound and subwoofer all the way up, it doesn't distort and possibly you might get an unruly mob with fiery torches and pitchforks at your doorstep because of the loudness and vibrations. It's seriously loud.

It's billed for gaming but it's also excellent for music. Read the reviews from Hexus and Bit-Tech for independent resources.

EDIT: I do have the Asus Xonar Essence One DAC and that is a good bit of kit. There are different variations of that and prices vary.

Thanks coyi1895, I did go with the Corsairs, wasn't able to find them online anywhere but a Microcenter near me had 2 of them left and I was able to get one. Truly amazing sound, and amazingly loud, OMG loud.

I'm wondering if I can do any better than the on-board audio of the MF7, I mean audiophile quality, looking to buy a pair of Sennheiser HD 800's in the future and want the best possible to push them. The external DAC and AMP's from ASUS seem to be discontinued.

I'm not totally happy with the on-board audio of the MF7, games it seems ok, music it tries to balance it out too much. You can hear a definite tonal pitch when someone is singing and someone is not in the song, it's like it's increasing the high end when the voice comes in, it won't remain flat.

Level 7
logitech z906, i use theme wireless, never had such a great sound while gaming ;)!

Level 10
The external DAC and AMP's from ASUS seem to be discontinued.

Really? That's a shame. They're still selling them in the UK. Maybe try contacting audiophile shops. Good stuff for getting the SP2500 2.1.