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GL703GE - thermal paste replacement and temperatures

Level 7
Hey there all!

My Asus GL703GE laptop has already more than 2 years. I decided to exchange thermal paste, because I thought it's already time.
I used Artic MX-4 as my main paste, I also used it in my PS4 Pro and never had problems with it.

Anyway, I did the whole operation and I still have high temperatures, with my room temperature around 23-24C. For example:

  • Idle state, I've got around 40-50C, GPU around the same temps.
  • Using Chrome or Opera, fans go on faster rpm and temps go around 64C. To be honest, temperature and fans fluctuates, from 49C to even 64C and fans once go silent and once go higher. GPU around 48C.
  • During rendering with Premiere Pro and some music on YouTube in background, temps go around 80C (but never higher) and when I turn on oveboost it goes down to around 77C. GPU is around 62-63C.

Are those temps normal? Because I'm a little bit worried that thermal paste didn't go properly on CPU and that's why I'm having such a temperatures? The whole radiator with fans is pretty tricky to put back and if we go to hard with screws, the whole paste can be pushed outside the CPU? I can't remember temps before paste replacement, but during rendering I also had 80C, that's for sure. So they were probably very similar. Air vents are clean, there's a lot of free space for the air flow and etc.

I just want to know if those temps are normal or should I try other thermal paste?