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Gigabyte Aorus 3090 24G

Level 7
Been a few years since I posted on these forums, I do hope its ok to ask this question.
As you can appreciate in these troubled times I have parted with a considerable amount of cash to add this card to my build, I am here because the Gigabyte customer support is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike !!

The recommended software to control the RGB and on-board leds for this card is RGB fusion, downloaded and installed the program but it does nothing at all,
can anyone advise me how I can move this forward as Gigabyte support is totally shocking in my experience.

Thanks all.

Level 11
I have heard of this software to manage rgb leds. I don't use it because Armory crate does its job well for my asus components.
Maybe it will allow you to manage the rgb leds of your card. OPEN SOURCE RGB LIGHTING CONTROL THAT DOESN'T DEPEND ON MANUFACTURER SOFTWARE:

Thanks for the reply, I am using armoury crate for other parts, MB DAC fans and PSU using ICUE as well ( making sure not to run them at the same time !!)

I'll have a look though
thanks again.